But clearly whatever it is Buy wow classic gold

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But clearly whatever it is Buy wow classic gold

Post by bestrsgoldfast » Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:41 am

Remember when they stated that the reason they're porting it to the retail customer is that they have better anti-cheat in place on the newer customer. Top kek blizzard.

Woulda thought they can in the very least make it so level 3s can not mine stuff that requires more skill than u can get at the level. Certainly that is a clientside test rather than a serverside one and the botters are exploiting that.

But clearly whatever it is Buy wow classic gold that assesses you've got the suitable mining skill is clientside - and not confirmed by the server.

Random name plate spawns underground only random characters and mines the node and glitches off my display. Was a low lvl toon if I remember correctly.

Whenever they don't place a strict limit on how much gold you can move from Classic to TBC, the market is done-zo right out the gate.

Person I thought I had been in a vast majority of people thinking that the best method to perform TBC is a 100% new host. I really don't understand why blizz can't only make new and continued servers. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the playing experience could be entirely distinct between them.
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